Do you want to enable your people to unlock their purpose?

We have a global network of Professional Certified Ikigai Coaches in place in all the major markets

In Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, France and Belgium

Our Ikigai coaches work with your people in Spanish, English, German, Portugese, French, Dutch, Japanese, Norwegian or Italian.

In person or via video

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Are you a coach?

Build a healthy coaching business and help your clients to unlock their Ikigai®; their purpose

We’re enabling 100.000 people to unlock their Ikigai before the end of 2025

“I can’t recommend it highly enough.  It really is a game changer for any coach wanting to take their coaching practice to the next level.”

Deanna Lane, Certified Professional Ikigai Coach

Sydney, Australia

our story

Welcome to the Ikigai® Coaching Institute

Our purpose is simple.

  1. We want to enable at least 100.000 people worldwide to unlock their purpose before the end of 2025.
  2. And we aim to offer an affordable, pragmatic and end-to-end set of proven tools to our network of coaches. To help them profitably grow their coaching business.

Start the process by playing Ikigai Questions Game offline. Then continue online on our Yarak® platform.

“I’m active in the global coaching industry since 24 years. Creating and building three coaching firms. First for a decade under the umbrella of a Fortune 500 company. As intrapreneur and executive. Learned so much. Since 12 years I’m an independent entrepreneur. Perhaps learning even more. But without the safety net. I’ve been there, still living it and I’m dedicated to pass it forward.

I know first hand it’s not easy at all to be successful in this industry. There are many coaches out there. The methodologies are not really protected and the quality of the services can vary a lot. With the Ikigai Coaching Institute we want to enable professionals to build their coaching business in a profitable way. So they can make a difference for their clients, enjoy a healthy profit, invest this back into their businesses, make a good living and prove to everyone how useful coaching is. Deep down, I truly believe in the added value of affordable and pragmatic coaching.”

Paul Donkers, founder Ikigai Coaching Institute

Ikigai® Coaching Institute

We help coaches and consultants to build their business. Offering them a unique, affordable and proven end-to-end toolbox to make a difference in their market

With our global network of Professional Certified Ikigai Coaches we enable at least 100.000 people to unlock their Ikigai before the end of 2025

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