Do you want to unlock your purpose?

Are you looking to work with a certified professional Ikigai Coach? We have a global network of trained Ikigai Coaches ready for you. With professionals in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, Switzerland, New Zealand and Belgium.

We deliver our programs worldwide

Drop us an email via info@tencompany.org and we’re happy to connect you

Are you a coach?

Build a healthy coaching business and help your clients to unlock their Ikigai®; their purpose

We’re enabling 100.000 people to unlock their Ikigai before 2025

Join us for our Summer school 2020. Global certifications to become a professional user of Ikigai® Questions Game available in all time zones

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Welcome to the Ikigai® Coaching Institute

We’re changing the coaching industry. With our in-house developed end-to-end solutions.

Our toolbox not only enables your clients to unlock their purpose. But also to execute on their high level idea! This methodology is unique. Your clients work with you offline ànd online.

Start the process by playing Ikigai Questions Game offline. Then continue online on our Yarak® platform.

Your coachee gets everything they need to translate their purpose into action. The roadmap, the priorities, the actions and smart KPI’s. With your dashboard, it’s easier than ever to coach them on real progress. And to enable your coachee actually to make it happen!

Ikigai® Coaching Institute

We help coaches and consultants to build their business. Offering them a unique, affordable and proven end-to-end toolbox to make a difference in their market

Via our network of Ikigai Coaches we enable at least 100.000 people to unlock their Ikigai before the end of 2025

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